Ronald Robin

| Electric guitar |

Favourite Quote:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" - Pablo Picasso 

A bit about Ronald:
Medical professional (Nurse to be exact! lol) by day and electric guitarist by night.

Ronny (as we call him in the band) rarely acts his age & loves his car a little too much. You will never miss him turning up in his luxury smart car (aka. Merc)

Ronny brings a wealth of accuracy and groove into the band's music. He has a great ear and loves to improvise when it comes to jamming. An all-rounder in multiple musical instruments such as keys / bass / acoustic / percussions. Les paul gibson and fender telecaster are 2 of his favourite guitars combined with his collection of amps and pedals; the vibe, as you can imagine, is quite lethal. 

Music/Guitars have been a part of his life since he was in college; where he developed his skills, playing regularly at events and church.